How does this work..?

Common Questions...

★I saw a piece on Pinterest or Instrgram, how do I buy it?

My brand operates through website drops, releasing a limited series of one-of-a-kind pieces every two weeks. While some designs I remake over and over, others may come and go every few months. Stay tuned for details on what designs I will be releasing on my Instagram. This is where I keep most up to date!

★Do you do custom orders?

Custom orders are available every Friday drop. They are $375, & can be purchased like any other physical product.(It is the item tagged "custom order!") At the moment, Custom orders are only available for crewnecks & hoodie designs. Once purchased, you will be sent a custom order form to your email used at checkout. There, you can customize your piece with sizing information, reference photos, & even doodles if needed. I ask for ~2 months due to the custom nature of the piece!

★Best way to contact me?

For order issues or questions please reach out to:

★What sewing machine do you use?

I use a Bernina Artista 180

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