Photography by Andrew Castaneda

In 2017, I embarked on a creative journey & founded Magg’s Rags—an ever-evolving brand dedicated to crafting distinctive, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind pieces. My lifelong passion for art and creation found its focus when I discovered sewing, quickly becoming my niche. My widely recognized wearables showcase an untraditional use of an old quilting technique—appliqué— which involves sewing tiny pieces of scrap fabric together to create a larger textile mosaic. Committed to sustainability, my designs come to life from second-hand scrap fabric. Yard sale tablecloths transform into lobsters sipping martinis, thrift store picnic blankets morph into one-of-a-kind sweat-sets, and old button-down shirts take on new personas as curly wired red telephones. Seamlessly integrating recycled materials into my creations, I believe there is something special to be said about reusing pieces that have already lived a life of their own. Magg's Rags strives to bring back a nostalgic uniqueness to a clothing industry that has been drained of its passion and creativity by the rapid pace of fast fashion and consumption.

As a multi-medium artist, my creative vision extends beyond clothing design. With a background in ceramics, I aspire to expand my brand into home goods and functional artwork. Whether it's lamps, plant pots, ashtrays, candleholders, fruit bowls, or any other inspiration that strikes, I envision them becoming part of my growing collection. 

Magg’s Rags strives to be more than just a brand; it is my personal crusade to change the norms of consumption. I deeply believe in sustainable craftsmanship and purposeful creation, ensuring every single piece is sourced and designed to be a lasting treasure. When I craft a piece, it is with the heartfelt intention that it becomes as unique and cherished as its eventual owner, echoing my dedication to weave narratives into each creation.