Photography by Andrew Castaneda

In 2019, Maggie McLaughlin founded Magg’s Rags—an ever-evolving brand dedicated to crafting distinctive, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Maggie's lifelong passion for art and creation found its focus when she discovered sewing, quickly becoming her niche. Her widely recognized wearables showcase an untraditional use of an old quilting technique—appliqué.

An artist committed to prioritizing sustainability, Maggie's designs are born from second-hand scrap fabric. Yard sale tablecloths morph into lobsters sipping martinis, thrift store picnic blankets become one-of-a-kind sweat-sets, and old button-down shirts take on new lives as rats riding skateboards. Seamlessly integrating recycled materials into her creations, Maggie believes in the special narrative of re-using materials that have already lived a life of their own.

As a multi-medium artist, Maggie's creative vision extends beyond clothing design. With a background in ceramics, she aspires to broaden her brand into home goods and functional artwork. Lamps, plant pots, ashtrays, candleholders, fruit bowls, and whatever else she dreams up that afternoon hope to become part of her ever expanding collection.

Maggie is on a mission to challenge conventional consumption habits. Magg’s Rags advocates for slow creation and consumption, offering unique one-of-one pieces that stand out in today's world of fast fashion. Each garment is as special and unique as its owner, echoing the brand's commitment to one-of-a-kind pieces that truly tell a story.